Vakuum in Forschung und Praxis

Aktuelle Ausgabe - Volume 30 Issue 1 (February/March 2018)





W3+ Fair


  • Thorsten Kortemeier
  • Seite 9-9

Oil‐Repellent Optics for Wastewater Sensor Applications

A fundamental issue for the identification of environmental problems is the early detection of chemical water pollutants. To guarantee reliable measurement results and to reduce maintenance costs, soiling of the sensor surfaces should be minimized. This work presents a method for fabrication of optical and oil‐repellent functional surfaces, realized by combination of statistically produced nano‐roughness with adapted coating materials ...

  • Thomas Oberbillig, Nadja Felde, Martin Franz, Luisa Coriand, Nancy Dahms, Karin Munderloh, Karin Schultz, Michael Fliedner, Angela Duparré
  • Seite 10-14

W3 Fair+Convention

  • Seite 15-15



Vacuum System Evacuation to Base Pressure

Summary A study has been made to compare the times taken to evacuate a turbomolecular and scroll pumped chamber to a base, high vacuum, pressure. A small test header (26.7 litre) was evacuated via two different paths: through a fore‐line, switching paths once ‘cross‐over’ pressure was reached, and directly through a turbomolecular pump (TMP) where the TMP was not operational until cross‐over pressure was reached. When starting the...

  • Rebecca Grinham, Andrew Chew
  • Seite 21-25


Effiziente Herstellung von Kohlenstofffasern

Summary Efficient production of carbon fibres using new technologies Innovative process technologies for carbonization of precursor fibres, which can substitute conventional oven technologies and raise the efficiency of carbon fibre production are presented. The process technologies are based on the substitution of convective heat transfer by microwave plasma or direct fiber heating. In microwave‐assisted plasma...

  • Alexander Mager, Verena Kloiber, Beata Lehmann, Tilo Köckritz, Julius Roch, Jane Großmann, Gerrit Mäder, Eckhard Beyer, Stefan Kaskel
  • Seite 26-29

Dünne Schichten

Optische Interferenzfilter auf Polymerfolien

Summary Optical interference filter on polymer films ‐ Spectral channel separation in 3‐D projections by wavelength division multiplexing In this work the preparation of optical interference filters on polymer foils for spectral channel separation for 3D projections is presented. The suitability of various polymer substrates for this purpose was investigated by measurements of the layer adhesion and the optical haze....

  • Klaus Rohwer, Helmut Jorke, Thomas Neubert, Michael Vergöhl
  • Seite 30-34


Hyperriesig leitende nanogranulare Materialen

Summary Hypergiant conductance of nanogranular materials ‐ Ampacity in the GA/cm2 range by boson current transport at room temperature Using focused electron beam induced processing a new class of hypergiant conducting materials has been discovered. The production is possible with slow step focused electron beam deposition using organometallic compounds. Applications are in electronics and IR radiation harvesting. ...

  • Hans W. P. Koops
  • Seite 35-39

Dünne Schichten

Focussed Ion Beam

Summary Focussed Ion Beam ‐“Cutting Edge” Technology of Material Analysis With the focussed ion beam technique it is possible to sputter almost any material with nanometer scale accuracy and directly image or chemically analyze structures below the surface. The major advantage towards conventional cross‐section polishing is the high precision which allows to investigate even the smallest local defects. Applications of the...

  • Jan Petersen
  • Seite 40-47


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Welches Turbulenzmodell soll ich benutzen?

  • 01. March 2018

Lösungen der seit nun fast 200 Jah­ren be­kann­ten Navier-Stokes-Glei­chung­en be­schrei­ben Strö­mung­en in al­len De­tails. Doch Tur­bu­len­zen sind noch im­mer ein nu­me­ri­scher Alb­traum, selbst mit Su­per­com­pu­tern sind tur­bu­len­te Strö­mung­en in re­a­lis­ti­schen Mo­del­len meist un­be­rech­en­bar.

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