Vakuum in Forschung und Praxis

Aktuelle Ausgabe - Volume 30 Issue 2 (April/May 2018)



Nichts, Alles und die Zeit

  • Lisa Kleinen
  • Seite 3-3



Dünne Schichten

Mit dünnen Schichten durch vier Jahrzehnte

Summary Thin films through four decades – How they changed the world The 30th anniversary of the journal “Vacuum in research and practice” is accompanied by a brief journey through the world of thin films and their impact on our life during the past decades. Around 40 years ago coating processes had been ready to find their way into mass markets related to large areas and quantity of substrates. Reduction of friction,...

  • Günter Bräuer
  • Seite 26-33


Die Geschichte der Gasentladungsphysik

Summary The History of Gas Discharge Physics Observation and study of the impressive polar lights marks the beginning of the gas discharge physics. Even though a remarkable progress was reached by the improvement of gas discharge tubes. The first constructed tube goes back to the Englishman Hauksbee. After that the German glassblower Heinrich Geißler developed more innovative discharge tubes by reducing the gas pressure ...

  • Julia Cipo, Holger Kersten
  • Seite 34-42


Entwicklung der Quadrupol‐Massenspektrometer in den letzten 30 Jahren

Summary The quest to determine the composition of gas This article examines developments in quadrupole mass spectrometers over the past 30 years. It looks into the changing footprint of devices as well as at software and communication interfaces. It also introduces the advantages of modern compact devices, such as improved detection limits, integrated total pressure measurement and multiple interfaces. The outlook...

  • Patrick Walther
  • Seite 44-46

Die Vakuumsysteme des European XFEL

Summary The Vacuum Systems for the European XFEL Vacuum is a pre‐requisite for the successful operation of the European XFEL. Apart of the need to specify pressure levels a large variety of other requirements have to be fulfilled. Specifically, the cleanliness level is noteworthy, as it has to be established in a large system. The respective parts of the particle accelerator and the X‐ray optics are of kilometer length ...

  • Martin Dommach, Sven Lederer, Lutz Lilje
  • Seite 47-53

Vakuumtechnologie für die chemische Verfahrenstechnik

Summary Vacuum technology for the chemical industry process engineering – New developments – established principles Vacuum technology in chemical process engineering has evolved constantly over the past decades. In the beginning, liquid ring vacuum pumps were used in almost all chemical processes. But this all changed in the 1960s with the introduction of the once‐through oil‐lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump. The...

  • Uli Merkle
  • Seite 54-57

Gelernt ist Gelernt

Teil 2: Die Temperatur eines Gases

  • Gerhard Voss
  • Seite 58-59



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