Vakuum in Forschung und Praxis

Aktuelle Ausgabe - Volume 30 Issue 6 (December 2018)



Vakuum 4.0

  • Ute Bergner
  • Seite 3-3






Pioniere Der Vakuumtechnik

Rudolf Jaeckel

  • Wilfriede Fiedler
  • Seite 16-17


Industrie 4.0

Summary Industry 4.0 – Challenges for constructions of vacuum systems Vacuum systems are finding their way into branches and belonging modern process chains which were hardly in contact with UHV technology in the past. Besides an automatic operation and a flawless processing of parts, vacuum systems and their peripheral devices have to feature options for data output and analysis for subsequent processing in e.g. MES to...

  • Michael Pick, Marcel Kleßen, Ute Bergner
  • Seite 18-23

Scroll Geometry of Scroll Vacuum Pump

Summary The influence of the end part of the scroll on the pumping characteristics and indicated power of the oil free scroll vacuum pump is considered. With the help of developed mathematical model of the scroll pump dependence of pumping speed on the inlet pressure at different curvature radii of the scroll end part and compression duration is obtained. The influence of compression duration on the ...

  • A. Raykov, A. Burmistrov, S. Salikeev, M. Fomina
  • Seite 24-27

Dünne Schichten

Dünne PVD‐Hartstoffschichten zur Online‐Temperaturmessung

Summary Thin PVD hard coatings for the online temperature measurement In the processing industry, process control and the improvement of manufacturing processes become increasingly important. Therefore the acquisition of important process data during production becomes the focus of attention. Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) allows the deposition of only a few micrometers thin coatings, which follow the shape of the coated...

  • Kirsten Bobzin, Tobias Brögelmann, Nathan C. Kruppe, Lore Stalpers, Julia Janowitz
  • Seite 28-33


Plasmatechnik 4.0

Summary Plasma Technology 4.0 – State of the art, developments and expectations New technologies offer great opportunities for plasma applications. This fact is also known by the players in surface technology who deal intensively with these current topics. In everyday practice there are already good examples of integrable IoT services for process technology right through to networked business processes. The expectations...

  • Katrin Ferse, Peter Awakowicz, Uwe Beck, Carola Brand, Jan Peter Engelstädter, Wilfriede Fiedler, Rüdiger Foest, Holger Kersten, Oliver Lemmer, Hans-Jürgen Schäfer, Alexander Schwock
  • Seite 34-39

Improving the structural quality and adhesion of functional coatings

Summary In this paper a method of improving the structural quality and adhesion of functional coatings due to the pulsed mode of operation of a vacuum arc plasma source is described. The experiments were carried out by producing a carbon‐based coating on a molybdenum substrate by spraying a graphite cathode in the benzene vapors. Plasma flow control is provided by alternating connection of two power sources, which allows variable...

  • D. K. Kostrin
  • Seite 40-44



  • Michael Kopnarski
  • Seite 45-47

Gelernt ist Gelernt

Teil 6: Der Leitwert

  • Gerhard Voss
  • Seite 48-49






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