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Aktuelle Ausgabe - Volume 12 Issue 1 (February 2017)

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Cover Picture: Optik & Photonik 1/2017

Princeton engineering researchers have illuminated another path forward for LED technologies by refining the manufacturing of light sources made with perovskites, a more efficient and potentially lowercost alternative to materials used in LEDs found on store shelves, currently.


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  • Roland Mandler
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Research & Technology

Organizations & Initiatives

Technology Report

Teraboard Project Closing in on Future of Telecommunications

The European project Teraboard is an initiative of the Photonics Public Private Partnership, with a total budget of 4.25 million euros. The project started on December 1st, 2015 with the ambitious goal of transforming the telecommunication area by the introduction of new integrated photonics technologies.

  • Ana Belén González, Jose Pozo
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Ted Haensch — Sharing His Unique Perspective on Lasers

Someone with a history in the field of lasers nearly as long as that of the laser itself is Theodor “Ted” Haensch, who was awarded the 2005 Nobel Prize in Physics for his work in precision spectroscopy and in developing highly stabilized frequency combs. In various capacities within Coherent, Peter Vogt has been privileged to know Professor Haensch for 25 years and had the opportunity to interview him about his unique...

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Optical Components

Brought into Focus at Lightning Speed

Particularly during the mass manufacture of products, the working distance between an object and a camera system generally changes little or not at all. In these cases, the optical design of a vision system is relatively simple: The prevailing working distance the anddesired resolution are used to calculate the optical characteristics of the system which, after the selection of suitable components and integration into the...

  • Peter Stiefenhöfer
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Fiber Optics

UV‐Curing: New Option for Light Transmission

UV‐curing of adhesive areas often requires planar light exposure. Users of UV‐light sources, e.g. deuterium lamps, often use liquid light guides or optical fiber bundles for that purpose, but had to accept drawbacks in either case previously. End‐fused fiber bundles now provide a component solution which opens the entire spectrum for UV‐curing.

  • Holger Bäuerle, Bronislav Hracek
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Air Quality Monitoring with Photoacoustic Spectroscopy

The ultimate instrumentation for trace gas analysis and detection in air quality monitoring as well as industrial process control would be one that can simultaneously a sensitive, provideselective, and fast, multi‐gas measurement with wide dynamic range all in a compact and robust system. One of the few such promising technologies that can deliver these requirements is laser based photoacoustic spectroscopy (PAS). In this...

  • Håkan Karlsson, Sauli Sinisalo
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Application Report

Bright Prospects

Clouds, veils of rain, diffuse light, and a colourless monotonous landscape. It's no fun driving on a motorway in the middle of the night, with weariness as an additional passenger. This is a scenario that should be familiar to every car driver. According to a study made by the General German Automobile Association ADAC, our biological low is in the small hours between 2 and 5 a.m. It is a time at which the frequency of...

  • Hans‐Erich Gubela
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Bright Minds, Bright Lights — with Industrial 3D Printing

We often say that someone is in their element when they act with confidence in a familiar environment. In water, most people are certainly not in their element, which is why, beneath the surface, it is so important to have flawless equipment. In the ocean's depths, three things are in short supply: air, heat, and light. It is the provision of the last of these that has been the focus of attention for the team at Canto Ing....

  • Fabian Krauß
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Optimierung: Der Schlüssel zur Bestimmung von unbekannten Parametern in Simulationsmodellen

  • 30. March 2017

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