Research Assistant (EG 13 TV-H)

Part-time position with half of the working hours of a full-time employee, starting from 01.01.2018. This is a fixed term-position of three years (until 31.12.2020) in frame of the EU Project „MOICANA“ (Monolithic cointegration of QD-based InP on SiN as a versatile platform for the demonstration of high performance and low cost PIC transmitters) with a possibility of extending the contract in case of acquiring new external funds (§ 2 Abs. 2 WissZeitVG); acquisition of PhD is possible and desirable.

Tasks and research objectives: Assisting in the above mentioned research project as well as in seminars; self-contained work on a research topic, e.g. growth of InP-based quantum dot semiconductor heterostructures on Si by molecular beam epitaxy and their application in integrated optoelectronic devices on Si/SiN photonic-chip. This topic is a part of EU project with partners from Greece, Israel, France, Switzerland and Spain. The work will be supported by technical staff of the lab.

Requirements: Certified university degree (MSc) in Physics, Electrical Engineering, Nanostructure Science or related subjects. Practical experience in molecular beam epitaxy and /or Solid State Physics or Semiconductor Physics is favorable but not mandatory. Ability to think analytically, independent and thorough; collaborative working style; joy for technological issues; good English communication skills in speaking and writing.

For more information please contact: Prof. Dr. Johann Peter Reithmaier, Tel. +49-561-804-4430, e-mail: or refer to our website:

Application deadline: 11.12.2017

The University of Kassel is an equal opportunity employer and aims at a clear increase of the proportion of women in research and teaching. Qualified women are therefore expressly requested to apply. Under the precondition of equal qualification, disabled persons will be preferred. Applications indicating the Position Number 30942, should be sent by post to the President of the University of Kassel, 34109 Kassel, Germany or in electronic form to:

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Einführung in die Simulation von Halbleiter-Bauelementen

  • 30. November 2017

Von Mosfets über LEDs bis zu Wafern – Halb­leiter­bau­elemente sind essen­tielle Bestand­teile moderner Tech­nik in nahezu allen Bran­chen. Die nume­ri­sche Simu­la­tion kann dabei ein wich­ti­ges Hilfs­mit­tel dar­stel­len, um diese Bau­elemen­te in ihrer Funk­tions­weise zu analy­sie­ren und somit deren Kon­zep­tion zu er­leich­tern.

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