Polarization Analyzer for fiber optics and free beam applications

  • 07. May 2013

The polarization analyzer series SK010PA is a comprehensive universal measurement and test system for free beam applications and laser beam sources with polarization-maintaining fiber optics.

The polarization analyzer is a plug&play device and connects to the USB port of a standard computer. Alignments and measurements are performed rapidly. A realtime interactive display shows the state of polarization on a Poincaré sphere and on a polarization ellipse as well as the degree of polarization. Special routines that determine polarization extinction ratio of fiber-coupled sources allow the evaluation of the alignment of polarization-maintaining fibers for sources with high and low coherence.

For free beam applications a certain state of polarization can be set using the polarization analyzer, e.g. of circularly polarized beams, that can be generated using fiber collimators with manually adjustable integrated quarterwave plates. The state of right or left circular polarization is depicted on the Poincaré sphere and can thus be adjusted.

The polarization analyzer is available for various wavelength ranges from the UV to the Infrared region (350-1600 nm). The compact design of SK010PA, with the communication and power supply via USB 2.0, enables its easy integration within existing systems.

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