ScanXY 40 – the new 2D piezo scan and positioning stage

  • 07. May 2013

The Scan XY40 piezoelectric actuating stage offers a travel range of 40 microns per axis.

The nanopositioning piezo stage is mainly designed to fulfill requirements for 2D scanning applications. The superiorly performing scanning stage can offer a resonant frequency of more than 800 Hz per axis. The Scan XY40 is ideally suited for nm-precise positioning of light weight optic components such as mirror prisms or laser diodes. The Scan XY40 can offer significant advantages when used in a variety of applications where speed and a low settling time play an important role. These applications include semiconductor technologies and electronics, and applications in measurement technologies and quality assurance as well as microbiology.

The X- and Y-axis of the 2D piezo scanner can be controlled separately. The axes are positioned orthogonally to each other and the direction of motion is show by small markings on the stage. The FEM optimized flexure hinge design provides the lowest settling time and superior trajectory accuracy. piezosystem jena piezo stage designs offer motion without mechanical play or mechanical wear.

The Scan XY40 is also available in a vacuum configuration.

The Scan XY40 can be easily mounted by using the four mounting hole set up. For component assembling, the moving part offers 4 pieces and M2 threading holes with a 13x13 mm pattern in the center of the piezoelectric positioning stage.

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