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PWA90 - A Lifetime of Emergence

  • von P. Chandra et al. (Hrsg.)
  • 27. January 2016
thumbnail image: PWA90 - A Lifetime of Emergence

P. Chandra et al. (Hrsg.): PWA90 - A Lifetime of Emergence, World Scientific 2016, 222 S., broschiert, 19 GBP, ISBN 9789814733625

In a remarkable career spanning more than six decades, Philip W Anderson has made many fundamental contributions to physics. As codified in his oft-quoted phrase "More is Different", Anderson has been the most forceful and persuasive proponent of the radical, but now ubiquitous, viewpoint of emergent phenomena: truly fundamental concepts that can and do emerge from studies of Nature at each layer of complexity or energy scale. Anderson's ideas have also extended deeply into other areas of physics, including the Anderson-Higgs mechanism and the dynamics of pulsars.

PWA90: A Lifetime of Emergence is a volume of original scientific essays and personal reminiscences of Philip W Anderson by experts in the field, that were presented as part of "PWA90: Emergent Frontiers of Condensed Matter" meeting held at Princeton in December 2013 to highlight Anderson's contributions to physics.


  • Recollections of a Graduate Student (Khandker A Muttalib)
  • P W Anderson Seen Through the Eyes of a Student (Clare C Yu)
  • Random Walks in Anderson's Garden: A Journey from Cuprates to Cooper Pair Insulators and Beyond (G Baskaran)
  • Some Reminiscences on Anderson Localization (Elihu Abrahams)
  • Anderson and Condensed Matter Physics (T V Ramakrishnan)
  • Superfluidity and Symmetry Breaking — An Anderson Living Legacy (Frank Wilczek)
  • Phil Anderson and Gauge Symmetry Breaking (Edward Witten)
  • A Short History of the Theory and Experimental Discovery of Superfluidity in 3He (W F Brinkman)
  • Superconductivity in a Terrestrial Liquid: What Would It Be Like? (A J Leggett)
  • 40 Years of Quantum Spin Liquid: A Tale of Emergence from Frustration (Patrick A Lee)
  • High Tc Superconductivity and RVB (Mohit Randeria)
  • Paired Insulators and High Temperature Superconductors (T H Geballe and S A Kivelson)
  • Special Properties of High Tc Cuprates, Radically Different from Other Transition Metal Oxides (T M Rice)
  • From Bacteria to Artificial Cells, the Problem of Self-Reproduction (Albert Libchaber)
  • Spin Glasses and Frustration (Scott Kirkpatrick)
  • Frustration and Fluctuations in Systems with Quenched Disorder (D L Stein)
  • Phil Anderson's Magnetic Ideas in Science (Piers Coleman)

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Vom Raytracing-Modell zum digitalen Prototypen

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