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Correlated Electrons in Quantum Matter

  • von Peter Fulde
  • 24. July 2013
thumbnail image: Correlated Electrons in Quantum Matter

Peter Fulde: Correlated Electrons in Quantum Matter, World Scientific, Singapur 2012, 535 S., brosch., 51,40 Euro, ISBN 9789814390927

An understanding of the effects of electronic correlations in quantum systems is one of the most challenging problems in physics, partly due to the relevance in modern high technology. Yet there exist hardly any books on the subject which try to give a comprehensive overview on the field covering insulators, semiconductors, as well as metals. The present book tries to fill that gap.

It intends to provide graduate students and researchers a comprehensive survey of electron correlations, weak and strong, in insulators, semiconductors and metals. This topic is a central one in condensed matter and beyond that in theoretical physics. The reader will have a better understanding of the great progress which has been made in the field over the past few decades.

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